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Pageska's Bobcat Celtick FDJ
adieu Bobcat Celtick 18 05 2013 - 13 03 2017 farewell Bobcat Celtick
tes souvenirs vont toujours être dans mon coeur et âme - yours memories will always be in my heart and soul
Adieu mon p'tit Bobcat Celtick

He is born on May 18, 2013, at Pageska's breeder
belonging to Mrs Paige Pettis amd Mr Gaby Giroux.
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He is my 3rd pointing dog, he is Orca Celtick's (my first
Griffon Korthals) great-grandson, like Celtick and Ranger primarily
for hunting, but as an everyday's companion. He began his pointing
dog career differently from Celtick and Ranger because from an early
age I brought him to ruffed grouse and woodcock woods, he was 3.5
months old, then the first outing in hunting season he was 4 months
old when at the time Celtick was 7 months old and Ranger
was 5 months and 1 week old.

Bobcat Celtick he first did 3 outings before the hunting season,
where once (3 September 2013) he became aware of the smell of the
ruffed grouse after the fly-up and he run to where the ruffed grouse
fly and another time (6 September 2013) he became aware of the smell
of the American Woodcock after the fly-up where he went to lick the
woodcock's dropping and then roll on that site. I photographed these
moments of pure happiness.

And I will never forget that at his first hunting outing of his career
in hunting season on September 15, 2013, when he was 4 months old,
in 30 minutes in the woods, on the 5 woodcocks and 1 ruffed grouse
they were there, he located 1 woodcock and did an pointing on 1
other American woodcock. I took in photo that very first pointing
of Bobcat Celtick and then the woodcock in-flight.

Another difference I made this first season, while at the time with
Celtick and Ranger when they were puppies all the outings were
with the hunting shotgun, with Bobcat Celtick its first season
we mainly did photographic hunting because he was too puppy
to come out with the shotgun, on the 21 outings we did with
Bobcat Celtick it is only the last 4 from November 8, 2013
which were with the shotshotgun. His first hunting season
Bobcat Celtick was 4 months old (15 semprembre 2013) to
6 months old (21 semprembre 2013). I did many hunting action
photos of Bobcat Celtick in the woods and few photos of the woodcock
and ruffed grouse in-flight, located or/and pointed by Bobcat Celtick.

He has no evidence of hip dysplasia, for his hips he had
X-rayed by the method of Penhipp and hips are very good,
Penhipp R.0.30-L.0.33, right hip 0.30, left hip 0.33.

He passed his three FDJ (field dog junior) tests of the
Canadian Kennel Club with a score of 97% in Saint-Canut,
93% in Saint-Jean-de-Matha in the morning, and 96% in
Saint-Jean-de-Matha in the afternoon, all three in Québec.

for Bobcat Celtick's pedigree click this link

Bobcat Celtick's hunting statistics :
hese are not extraordinary results, however are very satisfying

Bobcat Celtick has in carrer :

4 seasons, 83 outings, 126 hours of hunting

147 pointings on 194 American woodcocks found

Latest woodcocks in season, 2 pointings on 2 different woodcocks the 8 November 2015

44 pointings on 132 ruffed grouses found

1 pointing on 1 wild turkey

2 pointings on 2 Wilson snipes found

194 pointins on 329 wild games found

Off hunting season Bobcat Celtick has :
(off hunting season games of Bobcat Celtick was done while trips to found the game)

57 pointings on 66 American Woodcocks found outside of hunting outings
earliest woodcock in the year, 2 pointings on 2 different woodcocks on 19 march 2016

5 pointings on 7 Ruffed Grouses found

for a total of :
- 256 pointings on 402 wild games found -

21 trips, 20 hours of hunting

2 pointings on 24 ruffed grouses found

11 pointings on 27 American woodcocks found

hunting start: Saturday September 15
age : 4 months old
hunting end: Thursday November 21
age : 6 months old

21 trips, 36.5 hours of hunting

14 pointings on 46 ruffed grouses found

29 pointings on 41 American woodcocks found

1 pointing on 1 wild turkey

hunting start: Monday September 8
with the opening of the ruffed grouse
age : 15 months and 3 weeks old
hunting end: Monday December 15
age : 19 months old

18 trips, 27.5 hours of hunting

7 pointings on 28 ruffed grouses found

36 pointings on 42 American woodcocks found

hunting start: Saturday September 19
age : 2 years and 4 months old
hunting end: Wednesday November 18
age : exactly 2.5 years old

23 trips, 42 hours of hunting

23 pointings on 34 ruffed grouses found

71 pointings on 84 American woodcocks found

2 pointings on 2 Wilson's snipes found

hunting start: Saturday September 10
with the ruffed grouse opening
age : 3 years and 4 months old
hunting end: Sunday december 4
age : 3.5 years old and little bit more

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